Sports training is not just about learning the techniques, tactics and regulations,
nor simple participation in organize competitions, but also the development of the
sporting spirit, that is, learning and assimilation the rules of coexistence, loyalty
and civility.
Sports practice is a fundamental part of young people's development,
determinant in their future well-being, at the physical level, but also decisive in
their mental formation, by the principals involved in a healthy practice and framed
in an organization.
The MVP events have as mission the construction of the athlete in all its aspects of
the game, on and off the court. The young athlete is our priority, we have
prepared a set of activities aimed at providing you with the tools so you can
express to the fullest of your potential in the various facets of his sporting and
personal life.
We have, in our events, different sports professionals, such as coach’s, physical
trainers / coordinators, physiotherapists, sports psychologists, nutritionists,
communication / video, among others.


Nutrition is an integral part of the athlete's preparation, aiming for the best
performance. Consequently, training and practice in any sport should also
contemplate the learning of healthy habits and suitable for sports, in training or in
It is crucial that both young athletes and parents, coaches mentors, understand
clearly that growth and sport impose increased calorie needs, but they also
require a great rigor in the balance between nutrients.
The association between performance, nutrition and hydration is clear and scientifically proven, so that only the athlete conscious of their needs, educated
and disciplined for correct food practices can evolve to achieve better sports


We always try to achieve the total transfer to the collective game, through
development and decision-making.
Our main objective is the development of the athlete, so this will work with
content such as:
· Shoot construction
· Shooting station
· Development of the dribble and pass
· Development of how to occupy space
· Development of the decision-making
· Development of the coordinating capacities
· Individual stations
· Team stations
· Competition in the form of 2x2, 3x3 and 5x5
· Different types of individual and team contests We believe in our training model,
but we know that without competition, the training turns out to be inconsequential.
We always have the competitive aspect in every event, whether in the format
of 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 or 5x5.


The MVP events have as one of their main objectives to make a great contribution
to athletes, but, above all, to transfer important tools for their construction as
people. The MVP Solidarity is one of the most important components of the MVP
events, following the main lines of our mission. This initiative was created with
the intention of being able to contribute to the community where it is inserted,
establishing partnerships with social solidarity institutions, through the donation
of money and / or essential goods (clothing, toys, food).
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